The Dire Need of a Travel Agent in 2020

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Will I use a travel agent to book my trip?”, or perhaps, “Why should I use a travel agent to book my trip when I can do the job by myself?”

There is an increasing misconception that travel agents have gone the way of a mere guide and are not needed anymore to book your trip under any circumstances. Something that anyone with access to the Internet and Google can do, is that they can book that dream vacation themselves online. But when the truth is told, they do a lot more beyond planning any of your vacations.

There are several details and logistics to consider when you are planning a trip. A travel agent who knows how to get the best deals on flights, hotels, transfers, sight-seeing or excursions will also know how to put these all together in the most cost efficient way. That means you spend less money as well as less fruitless time looking all over the internet for what you need.

Why is travel agent important for your travel?

You will save a lot of time and not waste time of needless researching

Just think that you need to book hotel rooms in multiple places and then hire transport for sight-seeing, and also search for best but budget restaurants and organize tickets for travelling as well. So, every traveller will visit one site for ticket booking, check out other six to seven sites to book transport and compare costs, and then call them and make arrangements. This whole process will take at least 3 hours, when a travel agent has already done the research and can get you all confirmed bookings in about 10 minutes. This will save you the time that usually goes into researching, comparing your options, and determining flight schedules, then processing visas, choosing among hotels, booking sight-seeing places, and researching packing lists, and much more.

You will save a large sum of money

People who prefer booking travel services directly, because they think they will be charged extra for the agent’s services. This is absolutely incorrect as booking through a travel agent typically will never cost you more money. Most agents will be making their commission directly through the travel suppliers and any wholesalers they do business with. In fact that is how they make their income on a daily basis.

A contact of emergency during the course of your travel

Yes, you can always travel abroad or at any other place of your choice by your own means. But this also means that you will be solely responsible for your own safety and there will be no way to re-do or confirm anything with the help of another person. When you choose a travel agent, you choose someone to rely on for emergency.

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