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When booking a tour, we are obviously always trying to find the lowest fares on airfares, the lowest prices on hotels, transfers, car rentals, and we wish to take excursions on the spot with local street guides, because it is also cheaper. But besides the usual advice (such as ordering an airline ticket 30 days before departure , choosing the right day of the week for a holiday, etc.), there is another secret weapon that almost always provides a good and, most importantly, quality rest – with the help of a travel agent. There is only one major drawback to such a choice it will cost a little more, however, the modern world is no longer the distant 90s, and today, to put it mildly, it’s not customary to save on safety, quality and reliability of rest.

Travel agent

We have selected for you a list of 3 reasons why you should book a tour through a travel agency for your next holiday. So, why should we choose a travel agency to organize our vacation and why travel agents are better than us in terms of travel planning? You can also go for the lotto tour travel and find the answers.

  1. They are more likely to find a lower price for us than ourselves

Travel agents, especially experienced, active and dedicated, as a rule, have in their sleeves spare cards, which automated sites for sales of individual components of your holiday, have never heard. This means that in a travel agency they simply know when the price is actually at the lowest point of the schedule or how using non-traditional methods (for example, ferries or trains) can take you to your destination for much less money.

  1. They have much better connections than booking sites

Prices of travel agencies for accommodation in one direction or another, as a rule, are slightly (and sometimes much) lower than even the prices that these properties will tell you directly. In fact, a good travel agent will pull out a discount on a hotel from the air, tour operators have contracts with hotels for hundreds of rooms – is it necessary to say that such wholesale costs them much cheaper. However, tour operators often put a strong cheat on such a residence, so that it is not very cheap. And your task in this case is just to compare these two prices.

  1. Travel Agent will give you a guarantee of accommodation

It so happened that hotels really value relations with travel agencies – still, because they buy the lion’s share of their rooms for the high and low season. Hoteliers assure tour operators in every possible way, and not only with discounts, but with high quality, level of service and overall level of responsibility for such service, so that companies prefer their numbers again and again, because we are talking about stability. However, unfortunately, the opposite is most often the case with individual independent tourists, who, of course, are not as interesting to hotels as large organizations – suppliers of tourists, and more and more often there are cases when a tourist pays the cost of accommodation or prepays by booking a hotel. , arrives at the destination and regretfully finds out that the hotel is full, and there are simply no places in it.

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